Yes, I want to FIGHT for destitute refugees

Do you think that people seeking sanctuary deserve dignity, not destitution? 

Stand Up and Fight. Fight for mothers like Basirat who the UK asylum system is currently failing.  

The current system is harsh, hostile and inhumane. People seeking asylum are not allowed to work, they’re forced to live on impossibly little money and are often left homeless and destitute.

A new government gives us a new opportunity to fight for the rights of refugees like never before. Now is the time to set the tone and stand up for what’s right.

Now is the time to fight for the UK we believe in – a UK with a tolerant, compassionate and welcoming society

Make a donation today and help fight for a fairer more just asylum system. 

I am happy for Refugee Action to contact me with their latest news and information on how I can support refugees and asylum seekers via (Please tick all the ways you would like to be contacted):